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The Olympian

Along with the 4 part book series I am working on [book one being Wings of the Fallen], I have another book I am working on.

I’ve loved Greek mythology and history since I was a little kid, and when I was in Olympia I was inspired to write a story about an Olympian in ancient Greece and his journey to win the Olympics and a man’s heart.

The Olympian is about Rilaos, a young man [age 18] who dreams becoming a crowned Olympian. He is a little naive, and would rather spend his days studying than being a soldier. But he loves running.


I’m addicted to this site for finding the face that matches what’s in my head. XD

However, his dreams shift perspective when he meets his trainer, Tiberius, for the first time. Tiberius is a younger trainer due to an injury in the Olympics that left him unable to compete further.


Lookit that face

The story follows the point of view of Rilaos as he experiences the Olympics for the first time, and deals with his growing feelings for Tiberius. I had a lot of fun researching the Olympics and all the traditions, ceremony, and history that went along with the games in ancient times.

The Olympian is still very much in the works -but I look forward to sharing more information about it in the future!

More Info on The Olympian:

First Page Friday


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