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Wings of the Fallen [Book 1]

Mostly what inspired me to create this site is to begin documenting the process of working on, a m/m paranormal fantasy romance series that I am working on. The first book of the series is tentatively titled Wings of the Fallen. 

This is the story of a forbidden romance that forms when an angel and a demon unexpectedly cross paths on Earth.

The mythology of Christianity and the ideas behind religion are used throughout the story, but embellished on greatly by my own ideas and needs in order for things to make sense as much as possible in this kind of setting. I’ve been doing a lot of research on angels, demons, cults, Christianity, Satanism, Enochian, even applying studies on Linguistics and Anthropology to these groups. . . the books I have stacked up next to my desk are questionable.

I’m near finished with my last round of edits on Wings of the Fallen, and will then be submitting the MS to agents. I’m really excited!

Blog Posts about Wings of the Fallen:

Next Big Thing Book Meme

The lovely header art for this site is an interpretation of Kalir and Ateos by the amazing


The lovely Keio has drawn several great pictures of Ateos and Kalir for me that I wanted to share! Her art is so beautiful and really, I love how she has captured how I imagined my boys in my head. It was so exciting to see these pieces from her! <3

Her interpretations of Ateos, the angel.


I love his hair *__*


Ae-1 - Copy

And her different looks at Kalir, the demon [in his possessed human body]. I have to say that the second image really inspired me to rethink how angels and demons looked.





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