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I was tagged by the wonderful Tori Centanni for this post! Tori is a YA author with a book coming out later this year and writes things that I want to read oh yes. Also I am sad that she lives in Seattle, because I feel that if we lived in close proximity to each other AMAZING THINGS WOULD HAPPEN. I also think that her and I should have a podcast/YouTube show where we just complain about reality TV together. **HINT HINT**

She has also gone on to speak at panels which I give her major props for because I am a wuss and wouldn’t make it out to the table.

Anyways, onto the blog hop! I’m super late at doing this but better late than never, right? \o\


11 Questions from Tori:

1. What’s your favorite kind of scene to write? 

I love to write emotional scenes – where characters are at their breaking point, and things seem awful and without hope. It sounds terrible, I know, but for some reason those are my favorite to write, and also my favorite to read, so I suppose that makes sense at least? I think part of it is the challenge, but also part of it is that is really when characters come alive.

2. What was the first story you ever wrote? 

IMG_20120624_195252I don’t know if this is the first story I actually ever wrote, but it is the first one that I have memory of thanks to my mother’s hoarding of everything we did.

When we were moving my parents out of the family home a few years ago, we found a few stories that I had apparently written when I was young and made my own picture books for. I had a HUGE fear of Bloody Mary [and a lot of things supernatural] when I was a kid, so I suppose that’s probably where the inspiration for this came from. We also found a notebook of scripts, a short story anthology, and a notebook of stories that said kindly not to read.

3. What’s your drafting process like? Are you an outliner or a messy drafter or some combination of the two?

I am a “pantser” through and through. I don’t do outlines because I just end up veering off course and spending more time rewriting the outline to try to figure out where the characters will take me next. I’m getting better at the revision process now that I know my style of writing and can embrace it, so it isn’t as daunting. Overall I’ve learned not to fight how I write because when I do I’m not at my best.

4. Name a book you think everyone should read and explain why.

This is a really tough question and I admit that I saved it for last. . .

So I have to admit that I wrote this section before Terry Pratchett’s passing. Rest in Peace, Sir.

For fiction, I think everyone should read anything from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. He has such a way with humor and character writing that I am extremely jealous of every time I read something by him. Amazing, amazing stuff. My current favorites are Thief of Time and The Truth.

If you are a writer, in any way at all, I completely recommend On Writing by Stephen King. It was a heavy influence in pushing me to pursue writing seriously, and I still have one of the quotes on a post-it note on my desk:

“Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.”

5. What would you say is your greatest skill as a writer?

My persistence? >.>

6. What’s a genre or category you’ve never written in but would like to try your hand at?

I think I would like to try to write a memoir at some point, or at least some sort of fictional story roughly based on some elements of my life. I don’t think my whole life is interesting, but I do think that some parts could have some worth in the form of story.

7. If you could spend a week writing anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Hawaii. Maui, to be precise, in a small apartment with a balcony that faces the ocean, so I could hear the waves. That would be ideal.

8. Do you make playlists of songs for your Works in Progress? If so, what’s a song from the current list?

I have many playlists, so many. It’s a bit of a problem.

For Wings of the Fallen, Who Would Have Thought by Darren Hayes is my top played. For The Olympian, Pompeii by Bastille.

9. What’s been the most challenging aspect of writing or publishing for you so far?

The revision process for sure. I feel that I can just sit down and write usually without any hangups, but editing is something that I have to push myself to do a little more. That’s where I find that I am worse at time management and productivity.

10. What’s one trope you love to pieces even if it’s overdone?

Friends who end up falling for each other after tons of sexual tension. Unf. Also forbidden romance. Unf Unf.

11. Describe your writing style in three words.

Oh this was a good one…and tough…

Wild. Messy. Driven.

Sure, let’s go with that. XD

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I have Myrmecophobia.
  2.  I currently have a mild obsession with nail polish.
  3. I only started drinking coffee in the last year. I still don’t know if this was a good addition or not to my life.
  4. I’ve wanted to be probably more than 20 things in my life, varying from nun to marine biologist.
  5. I “practiced” Wiccan when I was in middle school. It was the first time I challenged my faith.
  6. I got punched out in a mosh pit in college and had to get stitches in my face, along my right cheekbone. It left a slight scar. It makes me feel tough. XD
  7. My first career goal was to be a ballet teacher and actress.
  8. Tendinitis in both of my hips caused me to get my first desk job and start my second career goal when I was only 22.
  9. I’ve traveled now to 10 different countries and over 40 different cities, most of that travel in the past 7 years. Whoa.
  10. I have a serious addiction to chapstick and will go into a full blown panic if I can’t find it near me when I need it. This is normal, right?
  11. I grew up obsessed with unicorns. And so, I have an insane collection of unicorn figures from family from many many birthdays.


So the point of this exercise is to bring awareness to smaller blogs, but erm I don’t follow a whole lot of people here who are in the same boat as me, so instead I will just tag people who I think might have some interesting things to say!

Zen Scribbles
Kimberly LeCrone
Dot Caffrey



11 Questions For The Tagged to Answer:



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