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Wandering Wednesday – These Streets

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Ever go back through your pictures and find some things you’ve taken a picture of, but you don’t recall what it is or where exactly. But it looks really cool? I tend to have a lot of those. I needed a bit of cheering up tonight, so I thought I would look for some interesting pictures to take my mind off things. Here are a few I found, maybe I’ll share more another time. These are pictures that I generally don’t show because they are so off-kilter, but they are still fun to me.


This was taken somewhere in Berlin.

Cruise 2012 239

Taken somewhere in the resort we went to in the Caribbean.


Window in the Wernigerode Castle in Germany.

Short post today, just got back from a trip to Las Vegas to sad news of a coworkers passing from cancer. Hug everyone you know and care for. <3


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – These Streets

  1. So sorry to hear your sad news. 8 years ago I lost three co-workers to cancer in one year. It was so depressing! We tend to feel very helpless. My thoughts are with you. Big Hug to you ~

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