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February has come and gone!

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Recently Updated3 I feel that it is no surprise anymore that every month is a crazy one. Right? Let’s just go with that assumption going forward. February I:

  • Got a Disneyland pass for the first time in several years
  • Had to go through the loss of a family pet due to leukemia :(
  • Went to Vegas with an awesome group of friends
  • Went to my second Southern California Writer’s Conference
  • Went to my first Galentine’s Event with Defective Geeks that was a serious blast! So many new awesome lady friends from that evening. You can click on the link for more pictures and silliness. <3

What a roller coaster of a month.

1. Being a writer is my second job. I’m continuing to push myself to get more writing done! I submitted my short story to the Yaoi Con Anthology contest, which was a really great exercise in getting something done on a timeline. Also, and more importantly, the Southern California Writers Conference was AMAZING. I also registered for the Sunriver Summit in Oregon and the September conference. I am not able to do as much cosplay now, BUT I feel that this is all leading to something that I really am meant to do.

2. More video. DANG IT.

3. More me time. I’ve been persevering. I went to Vegas over the weekend, but I have been making sure to keep my weeknights as free as possible, and even weekends, as I start scheduling things even into April APRIL. Who is scheduling things for April already. It’s crazy.

Here’s to March! I fly to Boston this week and it’s so cold there. What a start to the month.

What does March hold for you?


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