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Wandering Wednesday – The Witch in the Museum

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One of the things I love to do in Berlin is visit their museums. There is no shortage of them, and they always have amazing exhibits and galleries. This time we went to the Alte Museum, to see the Maori Exhibit. There was no photography allowed, but it was a really interesting and moving exhibit to see the portraits and read the stories of those people.

There was so much to see, including art by my all time favorite artist Caspar David Friedrich. Sadly he happened to be on the same floor as the Maori one, so there was still no photography allowed. :( But getting to see new pieces by him was so cool.

The statues that were on display were also exquisite. This one I was particularly drawn to – the details on the wing was mind blowing. I can’t find any information about who the artist was, but I do remember that it was meant to represent a witch.

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One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – The Witch in the Museum

  1. Sculpture always amazes me. There is no erasing to redraw something that didn’t turn out just the way you wanted. I’m sure they do have their tricks for fixing small blemishes, etc – but on the whole they have to imagine the entire piece and then carve away what doesn’t belong – just incredible!

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