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Wandering Wednesday – Quedlinburg, Germany

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On the way home from Wernigerode, we stopped by Quedlinburg, as it now a UNESCO world heritage site. It dates back to at least the 9th century, and a lot of the buildings are really well preserved. Like Wernigerode, it feels like walking back in time as you walk through the streets of this little town. It is considered one of the best preserved medieval and renaissance towns in Europe.


We only spent about an hour walking around the center of town, but it was totally worth stopping for. One of the coolest parts about this was that a lot of the buildings have the year they were created carved into them.


The date on this is 1668! And there were older ones!

It was really awesome to be able to travel around more this trip to Germany. I look forward to seeing more towns like this the next time we go!


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – Quedlinburg, Germany

  1. Wow – look at those narrow little streets! So beautiful and quaint. And what a wonderful experience to walk among those old buildings. I wonder if they ever shoot films there?

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