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January is over – How is 2015 so far?

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OK kids! The first month of 2015 is under our belts. How did we do?

Well. To be honest, it’s been a little bit of a rocky start – but we can’t already be damning the year. I can only try to stay positive and work on the things that are within my control. Our sick family pup is doing better and better, after a cancer scare that turned out to be just a bad lesion from something he ate. A family member in Germany was diagnosed with Leukemia, and she isn’t doing well, but the doctors are doing everything they can right now to help her.

But some good things have happened, too! The times I did get to see people it was amazing fun, and I made some new friends as well. I also got to go to Disneyland and am getting an annual pass with my partner, which I’m super excited about. \o\

AND to top it all off, I received this beautiful piece of art from Katy at She was so great to work with, and she took my words and descriptions and created an amazing work representing Kalir and Ateos, the two main characters in my series, and I’m STILL in awe at how it turned out. If you visited my site recently or my twitter, you might have seen a glimpse of this already as it is now my header art. *___*


These are my boys. She captured them in looks and their emotions so well, I can’t even. Kalir [the blonde] doesn’t usually have scales and claws and red eyes in his human form, but in this I asked for a representation of his demonic essence somehow, and she nailed it. *spins in circles*

WITH THAT because I will just ramble on about this for days, checking in on my goals for this year!

1. Being a writer is my second job. So far, I have been sticking to my schedule. It’s taken some getting used to, but the discipline of working on writing every night is really helping. I am spending my weekends heavily relaxing. I submitted one short story to one contest, and I’m working on another one for a contest in February. Plus editing my first book, and also prepping for the SCWC in San Diego.
2. More video. Oops. >.>
3. More me time. This has been REALLY hard for me. I’m a social person. I love seeing people. So in order to maintain #1, I had to pull back on how much I was going out. Which in turn has several positive side effects as far as how much money I’m spending on eating out, plus getting more stuff done on my projects, but it’s still out of character for me. I think I’m on the extreme side right now just because of everything I need to do – I’m hoping that soon I can find a good balance where I don’t feel like I’m cut off from everyone completely and yet still have enough quiet time to do my work.

February is going to be a crazy month! I have the Southern California Writer’s Conference, which I have tons of stuff to prepare for, then a trip to Las Vegas [wooo!], and a short story due for the Yaoi Con Anthology Contest. I really wish I could figure out how to not need sleep.


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