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Wandering Wednesday – German Eats!


Man, I love food, and I really love food in Germany. Every time I go it’s so hard because I tend to ignore my gluten and dairy allergies. There are some great brands out there for GF and DF diets, though I still tend to fall to my desires because ITS SO GOOD.

So because I’m missing German food, I thought I would share some pictures of my favorite eats from my last trip. I’m sorry if I make you as hungry as I am.


From left to right!

1. Bratapfel: an amazing treat of a baked apple that varies in ingredients, but generally has nuts, marzipan, cinnamon, and we had vanilla sauce.
2. Quarkkaulchen: A mash of potatoes, cheese, eggs, flour, and sugar – these are so greasy and sweet and filling and awesome, but I could only have a few bites.
3. Doner: There are so many versions of doner, and this is still my favorite. I will get sick to eat this bread, because it’s so good. Something about the bread and the sauce and the meat, so good.
4 & 5. Goose, rotkraut, and klosse: Traditional German holiday dish. I ate this so many times over the course of 2 weeks and I wasn’t sick of it at all. The klosse are just mashed up potato dumplings but soooo good with gravy. So good I had to show a picture twice. Deal with it.
5. Currywurst: Another serious addiction of mine. It’s hard to find Berlin style currywurst that matches out here in socal.
6. KINDER EGGS: Kinder chocolate is heavenly. The eggs are actually illegal to bring to the states, so sorry for this picture.
7. Kartoffel puffers: I had these for the first time this trip. They are potato pancakes, with sugar and apple sauce. So simple but so yummy. Also pictured is more currywurst. XD

So there you go! If anyone knows where I can find this stuff in southern California, let me know. ;)


5 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – German Eats!

  1. I have no idea where you could find these here in socal…my one dear German friend has passed from this earth. But I could teach you how to make potato pancakes. We ate them a lot when I was growing up. We just never put sugar and applesauce on them!

  2. Those look heavenly! I love the look of those Quarkkaulchen, so much that I just found a recipe and will be attempting them soon.

    Also – I don’t understand the logic behind banning the Kinder eggs. It’s insane. Those eggs were such a huge part of my childhood. I had a huge collection of Kinder toys!

    • Oooo I want to here how making your own goes!

      And ya, I guess they consider the toys a choking hazard since they are in the chocolate egg? So sad. AND THEN to top it off Cadbury is apparently being banned now [my knowledge of this is super limited]. We just can’t have any nice chocolate here in the states.

      • I’ll be sure to let you know!

        … Cadbury too? Are they insane? >_> No offense to US chocolate (See’s is amazing, for example), but it just cannot compete with European chocolate. Lindt, anyone?

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