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Wandering Wednesday – Wernigerode Castle


Growing up in America, I’ve watched movies featuring castles and always was in awe of the idea – this castle on the top of a hill, the village below it, the royalty being able to watch the goings on from their window. It seemed like such a faraway experience.

While in Germany, I got to go to a castle like this, and it blew me away a little, even though it was just a simple castle in a small town. We visited Wernigorode Castle, and though it has been renovated several times in the course of it’s life since the 12th century, it is still stunning and I would be lying if I pretended that I didn’t spend a few moments staring out every window I could, looking over the town of Wernigerode below.


I hope everyone is getting back into the groove of things in this new year! I am trying but failing a little. Hopefully I can pick things up soon. ;)


2 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Wernigerode Castle

  1. Love castles…walked the ruins of Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland, where the MacQuillens resided in the 12th century. I too stood at the windows and overlooked the same sea that the Quillen ancestors watched. Couldn’t help but think that they must have been such a hardy and strong folk!

    • Right? Castles seem nice in theory but they always feel so cold and not very welcoming, but I suppose our version of that might be very different from theirs. But I agree, they were built differently back then, ha!

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