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Wandering Wednesday – Back From Germany

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Hello hello!

Over the holiday break, I spent about 2.5 weeks in Germany with family. As always, it was cold, but full of amazing good food and touring different cities.

I look forward to sharing pictures from these adventures! This time around I got to visit two older cities in the Harz region, and even got to visit a castle that actually sits on top of a hill overlooking a village. For an American, that’s a pretty big deal. ;)

For now, here are two pics taken on a walk after a fresh bout of snow. I hope everyone had a safe and awesome holiday, and if it’s still cold where you are, stay warm! I will happily run around in my flop flops once more. 280




One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – Back From Germany

  1. Love the snow pics – gorgeous! I like watching the snow fall while I sit by a warm fire! Ha But, seriously, there is nothing like the stillness of a walk after a fresh snow fall, hearing your boots crunch in the snow, is there? Glad you are back home and it’s turned warmer here for ya!

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