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HAPPY NEW YEAR holy crap what a year.


I have been on a hiatus for some time, at first it was accidental and then it was more purposeful. While in Germany for the holidays, I feel I have had a lot of time to reflect on how the year went; what went wrong, what went right, and what to do next.

So, the last review for my goals of 2014 –

  1. More writing. I feel that I used “writing” too liberally here as a goal. I don’t feel that I actually wrote a lot more this year. I focused a lot on editing, which is great, but in the end only wrote a little.
  2. More pictures. I think I got this one covered quite well. What I am bad at though is sharing pictures with those involved, so that’s just a follow up I need to improve on. But overall I feel I have a cool snapshot for each month really, and I hope to continue that now that it feels more like habit than forced.
  3. More reading. While I didn’t read all the books I set out to read this year, I still read way more than I did in 2013, which in the end was my overall goal. I feel that I have gotten back into the swing of reading, and so next year I hope to continue this trend.
  4. More German. This was the one goal that I didn’t see to completion, but in the end it was okay. I did learn enough for me to have a good basis for when in Germany, and while I can’t respond to conversation well I can at least understand it enough to not be left sitting at the table wondering what’s going on. So, while I stopped learning about halfway through the year, I do feel that my goal was met in what I wanted to be able to do.
  5. More trips. This year was crazy. I have so many miles traveled. I hope to continue that trend! I already have trips planned for the first half of the year. :D

And so, looking forward now. Goals for 2015!

1. Being a writer is my second job. I think that saying to just write isn’t enough for me mentally. I need to improve my time spent working on all aspects of being a writer: research, reading, socializing with other writers, blogging, learning more about the craft. So I’m adjusting the goal to reflect this.
2. More video. I’ve gotten into the habit well now to take more pictures and document life and all the awesome moments. But there can be more! One thing my husband talks about a lot is how pictures don’t help you remember how things sounded, or felt, and video helps capture that, and he is always encouraging more videos over pictures. So this year, I will be trying to do just that.
3. More me time. This is something I definitely need to work on. I am constantly feeling that I can’t say no to seeing people, hanging out, etc. However, I realized this year that in doing so I put aside a lot of things that I wanted to do for myself. So this year I am going to try to at least think about my schedule better and try not to overwhelm myself by having too much on my plate during the week.

I feel that these are a good number of goals to have, considering the heftiness of them. ;)

I’m also debating coloring my hair entirely pink. :3

Here’s to an exciting 2015!\o\


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR holy crap what a year.

  1. Nice reflection on the past year and great goals for the new year, Lyns! I’m excited about this coming year and accomplishing my goals as well. Agree with your perspective about writing. For me, I’m still struggling to get my writing time in everyday. Having my own business gives me some flexibility – yet puts more pressure on me to make sure my clients get the best customer service – so it sometimes is a double-edged sword! Here’s to a prosperous and Happy New Year! :0)

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