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The Last Day of 2014

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It was a crazy year for most everyone, I think.

So, I thought I would post some of the highlights for me, trying to keep a positive mind going into the next year. Also it’s below freezing and snowing in Germany so I figured I would take a break from writing a short story to blog. ;)

Pictures behind the cut! Go go go! Tell me some of your highlights from this year, too! :D

Olimpos Costume – my most difficult cosplay yet, completed!


Coheed and Cambria concert for the 10th anniversary of their 3rd album


Bastille concert because OMG BASTILLE


Yaoi Con with a bunch of amazing people


Korben Kitty joined the family


Successful double back surgery for the pup


Vacation in Punta Cana

Cruise 2012 036

Southern California Writers Conference where I learned so much and regained confidence in what I’m doing


Visited Calico Ghost Town for the first time since I was a kid




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