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Halloween Short Story – Old Soul


So the last month has been pretty crazy, but on a plane at one point I managed to write a quick short story for Halloween, featuring the demon Kalir from Wings of the Fallen.

I know it’s almost a month late, but I wanted to get it posted still, as I liked how it turned out, even though it was a bit more somber than I had initially intended the story to be. Kalir does have such a long, tragic past though, and it’s hard to avoid.

I’ve posted the story over HERE. \o\

Thanks for reading! If you posted a Halloween themed story I would love to read it; please feel free to share in the comments! I’m super behind on everything so I probably missed a lot. D:




Art by the amazing Kannibal of Kalir being all creepy :3



2 thoughts on “Halloween Short Story – Old Soul

  1. Love the artwork and love the writing too! Enjoyed the read – perfect for Halloween – thanks for sharing, Alex!

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