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Wandering Wednesday – Noms in Seoul, Korea


While I was in Korea, I took a lot of pictures of food, because I was pretty much in heaven. I’ve selected some of my favorite dishes, to commemorate it being a year since I visited there. I really want to go back! Also I can’t believe I didn’t share these pictures here, but I did share them on my instagram, so please feel free to follow me there if you ever want more food pics. 8D

As someone with lots of food allergies, I was really thankful to be roaming the city with friends and coworkers who could help make sure that I wasn’t eating anything that would cause a problem. Even with all my allergies, I was still able to eat so much food, it was really amazing!

SO much food!

I mean, look at this spread. So much food, and it was only lunch! I had delicious soba.

My favorite part about eating was that it was very communal. Each meal was just a spread of food that everyone could share, and that made it even more enjoyable!

ALL THE TUNA don't mind my terrible panorama shot

Eating at Fresh Tuna House. My attempt at a panorama shot to show ALL THE TUNA that’s all this is, just different kinds of tuna. And egg.

I also learned that soju is a tricky drink that makes you think that you are invincible and then you wake up the next day realizing you are not and are thankful that the hotel restaurant has amazing soup that is perfect for a hangover when you can’t walk anywhere far without wanting to die.

Photo Oct 10, 11 20 33 PM

This was some sort of soup, tbh I was so hungover I really don’t remember what I ordered but it was so good.

Also, their fluffy eggs put any other Korean BBQ place I have been to so far in California to SHAME.

Photo Oct 11, 3 23 49 AM

This is majestic as fuck.

And speaking of BBQ, that was pretty much ridiculous and what I lived off of most nights. They didn’t mess around.

Celebratory BBQ

Glorious MEAT

I didn’t have much dessert, but when I did, it was, as everything else, amazing and ridiculous.

Photo Oct 11, 5 52 04 AM

This was just at some place that we would consider a diner, I guess? They were known for their shakes, called Butterfinger Pancakes. But LOOK AT THIS.

My last meal in Korea was actually one of my favorite. It was Ginseng chicken soup. This dish blew my mind. It was a hot pot of water, still boiling, and the whole chicken inside. The chicken was stuff with ginger, rice, and garlic. . . it was magical.

Ginseng chicken soup was our last proper meal in Korea

If anyone knows where I can find this in California. . . I will love you forever

Now I’m going to go cry that I can’t eat any of this food right this moment.


4 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Noms in Seoul, Korea

  1. Thanks for sharing your food pics – I love seeing what other cultures do with food and the difference in preparation. I can’t say we had such a wonderful experience in Ireland. On the 6th day we were delighted to find an authentic Italian restaurant and an owner who kindly made room for us, even though we had no reservations. I think she saw the desperation in our eyes! Although the beer and whiskey were beyond comparison! And the landscapes made up for the food. When my son and daughter-in-law were in Thailand they did love all the food – although they still don’t know what all they were eating. They would ask for chicken and always get the reply, “Yes, yes – same, same – but different.”

  2. Thanks for posting your food pics Lyns- I love seeing what different cultures do with food and their different preparations. We didn’t have such a wonderful experience when we were in Ireland. By day 6 we were delighted to find an authentic Italian restaurant and an owner who kindly made room for us even though we had no reservation. I think she saw the look of desperation in our eyes! But the beer and whiskey were beyond comparison and the landscapes made up for the food! When my son and daughter-in-law visited Thailand, they also loved the food – although to this day they have no idea what they were eating most of the time. When they asked for chicken the reply was always the same, “yes, yes – same, same– but different.” Ha!

  3. Oh I love pictures of food! I love to see what other people are eating. =D Thank you so much for sharing. I’m all sorts of envious of all the things you got to try. Come to think of it, I’ve never had Korean food before. This must now be amended!

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