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Wandering Wednesday – Fountains Around the World

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Fountains are one of those things that you can almost always expect to see in some form when travelling. When I was looking through pictures recently, I discovered that I had quite a few myself. So, here is a collection of some of my favorite pictures of fountains, old and new, from my travels so far.


Starting from the top left:

  1. Venice, Italy
  2. Amalfi, Greece
  3. Corfu, Greece
  4. Rome, Italy
  5. Maui, Hawaii
  6. Berlin, Germany
  7. Rome, Italy [Trevi Fountain]
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. Versailles, France [Castle Versailles]
  10. Las Vegas, Nevada
  11. Berlin, Germany
  12. Santa Ana, California [at Bower’s Museum]


I hope that order made sense. D; I was also surprised that I didn’t have pictures of any fountains from Korea. I’m not sure if I didn’t see any, or if I didn’t get any pictures? Guess I have to go back to find out! ;)





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