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September is over, I’m still alive.


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AMG I SAW COHEED AND CAMBRIA AGAIN *swoon* also Monet paintings.

I haven’t updated in 2 months on this front, and I feel that’s okay. I’m in a better place mentally, I think, to get back into the groove of being here. Sometimes you have to just step away for a moment.

  1. More writing. I got another 3 chapters edited during this time, and this week I am getting back into the second job aspect of all this. But I’m not dreading it; I’ve missed my boys. ;)
  2. More pictures. MANY PICTURES. Too many of Korben, mostly. I have been posting more on my Instagram, feel free to follow me there at the link in the sidebar. \o\
  3. More reading. I read a friend’s book in August [that was amazing], so I didn’t get through my actual August book, and I am behind on my September one. But I am still only down 1 book for my total goal of 12 this year, and I think I can make it up. The next book I will be reading is The Truth by Terry Pratchett.
  4. More German. 
  5. More trips. In the last two months, I’ve gone to San Francisco for a convention, Seattle for a convention, and LA for a concert. There wasn’t a weekend where I was out running around, and while it was so much fun, I am definitely exhausted. I was also working out twice a day every day, and I think I just hit a wall of STOP EVERYTHING.

SO, that was a crazy whirlwind of two months. Hope you guys have all been well!


2 thoughts on “September is over, I’m still alive.

  1. Ahhhh that is an awesome cosplay! I feel I should know the character but I don’t. Halp? D:

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