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Let’s Talk About Cosplay – Creating My Apollo Wig [Part 1]


So along with writing and traveling, I also enjoy cosplay from time to time – which is the creating of costumes depicting fictional characters. I’ve been cosplaying since 2006, and it really strikes a chord with me due to my background in theater.

Today I wanted to share with you part of the process by which I created my latest cosplay, the Greek god Apollo, from the manga Olimpos.


There were several crazy things I had to do for this, so first I wanted to share the process of creating the wig and hair pieces attached to it.

So, Apollo in the manga looks like this:

sfdfI loved the idea of having hair that moved like his does – it creates such an ethereal feeling, and I wanted to get that sense as well, instead of having pieces of hair just hanging down. But I also wanted it to look like hair, not like a tube with hair covering it.

I tried a few options to accomplish this.

First I tried using a plastic tube and running wire through it, which did create an effect I wanted, but covering it with hair just didn’t look right.  Then I tried using heavy duty tape on the hair as the base, but man that was just a nightmare to get the hair to stick to it at all.

Neither one of these were easy, nor pretty.


Finally, I found this awesome tutorial and then made some tweaks to make it work for what I wanted the hair to do, mainly needing to extend the length of the hair piece, and then put wefts on both sides.

Here is what I ended up using:

  • 14 gauge red wire
  • Wefting thread/needle
  • Craft plastic
  • Clear DAP Kwik Seal Kitchen and Bath Adhesive
  • Got2b Glued Gel
  • Got2b Freeze Spray
  • Hot glue/gun

First, I cut out craft plastic [which I ordered from Amazon] and tested out the width and length. Then I glued the wire that I bought from Ace Hardware, and messed with these to get the final shape that I wanted my hair to have, using hot glue to fuse it to the plastic.


These are just the first two short pieces.

After that, I had my awesome wig wefts from Arda Wigs, in Maroon, and measured out how much hair I would need in order to cover the pieces, front and back, and figured out how I would have to fold the hair, since just one layer wasn’t enough to cover the plastic well.

After that, the really fun part started [but not really]

I started the long…awesome…process. And messy one. I brushed the kitchen adhesive on the plastic, and then placed the hair on it, and then had to brush the caulk over the hair, to make sure there were no fly aways, so the hair could defy gravity.

Sounds simple, right? Until you realize that since the plastic curves, shit gets real.


Each hair piece probably took around 8 hours total, since I had to do both sides, as they weren’t tightly curled and so the plastic wasn’t hidden. I watched pretty much all of 30 Rock, and my husband watched Attack on Titan [since I had already seen it] during a lot of this process.

Another tricky spot I hit during this process was when I had to use the second piece of weft, since my extensions were longer than the wefts. I had to trim up the hair and try to blend the strands together as much as I could, which is really fun with glue.

After all this I used the spray and trimmed fly aways to get it looking as much like hair as possible.

The next steps was figuring out how it would connect. In the end, I decided to try hair clips which would be situated near the bun I would be placing in the wig. It looks messy up close, but for photos I figured it would work.

2014-01-06 21.03.51After much fighting and pushing and some screaming, I got the pieces to cooperate – and I only had one malfunction during ALA, where I first wore this, which I consider a huge success!


So that’s my first cosplay tutorial! If you stuck around to the end of this, thanks! If you are a cosplayer/costumer and have any cool tips/tricks, feel free to let me know, I’m always trying to learn more. :D

Photos of me in my final costume are by the lovely and amazing Maureen!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Cosplay – Creating My Apollo Wig [Part 1]

  1. Wow – thanks for sharing this! I remember when you were beginning the challenge of creating all that jewelery – which looks fabulous BTW. Love the costume and the photography is wonderful – very professional! I sooo would love doing cosplay! Alas I must concentrate on my business and my writing for now. Besides, I would have to do ‘older’ characters – wah! :0)

    • Cosplay is a whole new level of busy, it’s hard to balance with work and writing. I get into a crunch mode as we get closer and then everything else slips away. 8D

  2. you are amazing and beautiful and the world barely deserves you (I deserve you)

  3. You look amazing! Absolutely and completely beautiful. That’s such a wonderful cosplay! Also, I just checked out that manga. Dang those guys look good. I haven’t seen this many pretty boys since Ouran. >.>

    • Thanks so much! It was my first time making something this elaborate, and it was fun and challenging and scary all at the same time.

      And yes omg all the pretty boys. *_____*

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