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Wandering Wednesday – Rawlins House

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When I was on Balboa back in June, it was the first time I had really walked leisurely around the island and really looked at the different houses. Most of them had a very similar look, but there was one house that stood out enough that I took a picture of it.

After taking the picture, I did a little research into why this house looked so different than the rest. It’s referred to as Rawlins House, and was built by John Lautner, an architect known in Southern California. He was also apparently the Olympic Architect for the 1984 summer Olympics in LA. He was known for organic architecture – this house doesn’t have conventional walls, and lots of skylights, and a copper balcony and roof.

It was just really cool to look at, and we sat in front of it for a while, just studying the look of it and the small glimpses inside we could catch from the sun.


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – Rawlins House

  1. There are so many interesting houses and buildings here in San Diego and walking through the neighborhoods is sometimes the only way to find the treasures – glad you found this one!

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