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End of Another Month – Sometimes it’s ok to fall on our face



Whoa, somehow this was a really busy month, even though I feel like I didn’t accomplish much. /o\

  1. More writing. I’m 5 chapters into edits, which sounds so little, typing it out here, but I feel that I’ve made so much progress in improving the story and adding elements that make me super happy, so in the end I think it will all be completely worth it. I have been getting the itch to actually WRITE, though, so I need to carve out time to do that as well. Pretty much I need to have to sleep less and stop talking to everyone. >.>
  2. More pictures. Okay so it’s mostly of pets this month but that’s okay, right?
  3. More reading. Shards of Time was so good! It was tough knowing that there won’t be any Nightrunner books, at least not for a long while, but in the end I was happy how it all ended. This month I am reading The King Must Die by Mary Renault. I love her writing so much, and I’m already sucked into the story.
  4. More German. This month I made a really tough decision, and that was to quit my German classes. It was tough for several reasons, and I want to be honest about them. Before learning German, I was quite a few years into learning Japanese. I had gone pretty far with it, and part of that was because I was really passionate about learning the language. I made friends with those in my class, we did study groups and outings, and spoke to each other in Japanese frequently. When I met my partner, I decided, on my own terms, that I would start learning German in order to be able to talk with his family. At first German was. . .okay to pick up. But I didn’t make friends with my classmates when I had them, and at home I still only spoke words and phrases but never felt confident enough to really speak conversationally. As time has gone on, classes got tougher, and I started getting more and more anxious when studying or going to class, to the point where I was having breakdowns and crying when I couldn’t understand certain things. It took some time, and openly discussing with my husband, to see that I was having such a reaction because, in the end, German isn’t my passion. I was learning it for him, and he appreciated it, but it was never something he asked of me, nor did his family. It only took me completely breaking down and him coming home to me curled up on the floor in the office to get that conversation going. >.<TLDR: I’ve quit German for now, but will probably sync up with my teacher [who was amazing and super patient], whenever I need a crash course before going to Germany. And, I will be picking up Japanese again, because we are going to Japan next year and if I go there and I can’t understand anything I will probably just sit on the ground and cry because it’s been a dream to visit there since I was a little kid.
  5. More trips. Between family in town, work, and the new kitty, I didn’t get to go on any new adventures. I didn’t even go to SDCC this year. August is my birthday month, so maybe there will be some exciting trips I can manage this month. :)

So, here’s to another slightly less stressful month? I am going to go to PAX Prime, and will hopefully get to finally meet Tori in person, AND THAT IS SUPER EXCITING because I really want to gush about pretty vampires/demons/all supernatural beings kissing with her. 8D


5 thoughts on “End of Another Month – Sometimes it’s ok to fall on our face

  1. I am super excited too! It turns out my friend coming to visit (besides the one who will probably be at PAX for work as well) isn’t coming until the following weekend, so I should have plenty of free time to gush about supernatural beings making out. :)

    Five chapters of revision is a LOT. But I know how, compared to the whole book, it can feel like so little. Revision is so freaking hard! I feel like I’ve been working on the rewrite of this one book for an eternity so I totally understand. It really is a lot though, especially if they were full of major changes that ripple through the entire book.

  2. I feel your pain – we’re in August already and I wonder, where did the freakin’ summer go??? But that’s why it’s good to go back and look at all you DID accomplish and realize it was a a lot! Five chapters of edits is awesome – I’m in edit mode as well – so I can say that! Editing feels like it’s twice as long as writing that first draft…sigh. But then we know we’ve improved our writing and it’s worth it.

    Sounds like the right decision on the German. I tried to learn Spanish because of living here in southern Cali but my heart wasn’t in it. I want to learn Italian – I enjoy speaking Italian and it’s fun – it’s my passion. We have to go with what is our passion.

    Write on Lyns!

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