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End of Another Month! I’m Still Here! Somehow!

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So apparently it’s July – I guess it must have happened sometime between getting back from vacation and work being just absolutely crazy.

Time to check in!

  1. More writing. I’ve finished editing! Well, making the notes of the edits on the hard copy, that is. Next time – implementation! I have to say that overall, I really, really love the story so much more now, with everything that I want to include, and that’s a really cool feeling. I also got tagged in a blog tour where I chatted a bit about my writing process.
  2. More pictures. My little camera keeps on going, because I’m lazy and haven’t taken my bigger camera in to get fixed. Also why do cameras on Samsung phones suck so much of the time. :(
  3. More reading. On vacation I managed to catch up on books! I stopped reading for the rest of June, but I am excited for my next book, which is Shards of Time by Lynn Flewelling. I’m also reading a friend’s horror novel that they have submitted to their agent and just need to find a publisher for. Exciting!
  4. More German. NEIN. German is hard. Oy.
  5. More trips. I’ve been pushing to do more outings when hanging out with family or on the weekends. My husband and I went to Balboa Island together for the first time in June, and it was a really enjoyable time, though the crabs freaked me out a little. Then my family and I went to Shoreline Village in Long Beach and walked around – it’s really a cool place to people watch. July is looking to be just as busy and crazy, but I’m pushing to keep some resting time as well.


Onward to July! Everyone have a super safe Fourth of July if you are in the US. :)



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