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Wandering Wednesday – Eiffel You

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[haha get it? Or am I still too punch drunk…]

So I’m back from my vacation! I have many pictures to go through, but my camera cable is buried somewhere deep within my suitcase, which is in the other room, and quite frankly, I’m exhausted. I will start sharing those pics soon, though!

So here is a quick pic I found from one of my trips to France, the only time that I actually visited the Eiffel Tower. I think in twilight it has such a cool look as opposed to daylight or night. Next week I should be back to myself again!


Europe 092



One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – Eiffel You

  1. I would love to some day visit France and see that for myself! Glad you are back safe from your trip and hope you got lots of relaxing in during your time away – and a few adventures thrown in as well. Can’t wait to see you photos!

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