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Wandering Wednesday – Fallen Tree in Versailles

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Six years ago this week, I was visiting France for the first time. More specifically, Vélizy and Versailles. It was my first time out of the country for about 8 years, and not with a school group. Just me, traveling to some unknown country for a week for work, thinking I knew what I was getting myself into.

The trip ended up changing my life completely. That’s not a hyperbole, I swear. It is the week that I meant my now husband and second partner in crime [the first being my bff of course].

In honor of that amazing week, I wanted to show this picture of this fallen tree that I always have thought was for some reason really really cool.

Maybe it’s the small romantic in me, because the middle looks like a heart, which really meant something to me back then. Okay and maybe now too. It was like a message! In a tree! NATURE WAS SPEAKING TO ME YOU GUYS.




Next week I leave for vacation in the Caribbean, and I have a new camera now, so expect that after next week you will see nothing but pictures of sandy beaches for a while. 8D



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