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Another Month Down – Holy Crap It’s May?!

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Oh man, this month. Let me tell you about this month. Or not. It was quite a crazy month between work and my pup.  It was discovered that our dog had two ruptured discs and one slipped one, and had to go into double back surgery. He has been slowly recovering, but it has taken up a chunk of our time working through that and making sure we can take care of him and keep him calm. So far he seems to be healing wonderfully, so we are definitely thankful for that. But it was an unexpected hiccup for sure. I was in Boston and SF for work, and was overall very exhausted. May is looking to be a little less hectic in that regard, at least. Which is good, because the summer is already looking packed.

  1. More writing. I’m continuing to plug away on editing, and still enjoying it and coming up with some awesome ideas to add into the story. I also got an idea for another medium to add to the story leading up to the book coming out, which I’m currently looking into to see if it would even be possible. Because, you know, I need to have more things to do with my time. In general I want to also push myself to try to have nights dedicated to editing and then also nights dedicated to writing, so I’m keeping all the skills fresh and whatnot. 
  2. More pictures. I have decided to get a new camera instead of replacing my current one, since it it over 5 years old and technology has really moved quickly since then. Though I have taken a lot of pics in general, I still haven’t been taking time to have some fun with pictures when I’m out. So more of that soon! Especially with the vacation so soon. \o/
  3. More reading. I’m only halfway through A Feast for Crows, which is still staying something since it’s over 1,000 pages.  So plan for this month is to finish that and then jump into Casket of Souls by Lynn Flewelling. It’s the last book of the Nightrunner series for now, so I’m sad but also excited to read that.
  4. More German. A second student is coming into the class, so I’m nervous about that because I’m so used to not having anyone else in the class to compare myself to or have conversations with, hah! But I’m sure it would only help me more to have some additional motivation when I go to class. I have been watching more Disney movies in German though, which has helped some with remembering some fun phrases. XD
  5. More trips. Work kept me busy with trips, and also pup problems kept trips down. But I did manage to go to Boston, though I didn’t get to see as much as I want.  I also got to go to LA and see a play, and also took a trip to the beach to relax. Next month we might still be a little restricted because of the pup until our vacation. But then we will have that glorious vacation, oh yes! 

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