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Wandering Wednesday – Seashells in the desert

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Well here we are again, dear internet, in a world where time moves too fast and before we know it we are almost done with April and I’ve hardly had enough time to think.

I started up my writing routine this week, and feeling good about edits, and spending time researching – it’s good to get back into that groove. Things are still stressful at work and at home – our pup went through double [yes double] back surgery last week and his recovery at home is a bit. . .intense. But we are trying to stay positive and not get negative or stressed. We realize we are lucky that we were able to help him by getting him the surgery he needed.

Today’s picture is from one of my trips to the Salton Sea to camp. I’ve posted some pics from here before. I feel this desert is part of the reason why I love hot weather so much. I spent a lot of my childhood here, and it’s still a place I wish I could go to more. One of the things I always loved about visiting here was collecting seashells – when I got older I realized how special it was that there were so many shells to collect, along with fossils of coral in the rocks, and other signs of a time when so much more of the area was underwater. I really like this picture for the one stark white shell amidst the sand.

Here’s to calmer weeks in the future.



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