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Wandering Wednesday – Frozen Lake

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Things are so busy right now, I almost didn’t get a post up today because I just hadn’t had time to sit down and write it out in between all the other writing and studying and work? GAH. I had no idea this year was going to be so busy, but alas, it is.

So then I took a deep breath after working out, and sat down and didn’t like any of the pics I had set aside for this post. So I started looking through some albums, and it reminded me that hey, life isn’t so bad, stop freaking out – at least a little. ;)

This is a picture in a park that was nearby my husband’s apartment in Versailles – another point of inspiration for the second book of the Wings series, which takes place mainly in Versailles/Paris.It’s a very quiet and peaceful place [too bad the part of the story that takes place here is exactly opposite. Oops].

Ice covered lake!!


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