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End of March! Also Not An April Fool’s Day Post. Eff That.

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It’s the first day of April, otherwise known as one of my most hated days of the year. Today is a day that I avoid the internet completely because people think it’s a good excuse to be an asshole. I don’t just say this out of nowhere. People have said/done terrible things either to me or to others on this day repeatedly my whole life. I will disown someone for thinking that today is a day that it is okay to be mean.

Just as a warning to the world.

Now, on to more important things.

For my picture collage this year, there are a few things I wanted to call out as to why I included them. First! I started a new diet/exercise program called 21 Day Fix. I keep forgetting to post pics, so if anyone else is doing this and is interested in my own progress, please let me know! I’m a week in, and I’m feeling less bloated and like this is something that I can do. I have a goal of losing 10 pounds before my vacation in May, and I think this will get me to that goal!  While I’m not usually one for “fad” diets, I’ve looked into this and seen some crazy awesome results, plus I have a good friend who is a beachbody coach. Hopefully soon she will have a website that I can recommend everyone to, because she is super genuine and sweet. In the meantime, her twitter is 

Also also one more thing! The cupcakes in this picture are from Sensitive Sweets. They are gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut, and peanut free, and vegan. And actually, they are SUPER good. I’m mentioning here partly because they deliver to ANYWHERE in the US.

Okay, sorry for all the blabbering! Here’s how March netted out!

  1. More writing. Even though my focus is on editing, I’m really enjoying it. The things that I am fixing and adding in Wings I feel are what it needs to breathe that extra life into it. I’m excited about my characters and the story again, so I feel that even though I fell behind, it was good to have that time away from the MS to come back to it fresh.
  2. More pictures. I still need to take my camera in, so I’ve been using my work phone [iPhone] to take lots of pics. Why is that camera so good?!?
  3. More reading. The book of the month was Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale, book one of The Rifter series. Needless to say, I was sucked into this story so fast that I finished the book within days. So then, I decided to buy the rest of the series and finished it within just over a week. Seriously, this book series is SO GOOD. I really highly recommend it. It’s one of those stories that I still, even now, catch myself day dreaming about and recalling in my memory. *rolls around* My next book is a A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin – I wanted to get through this book before the next season of Game of Thrones so that I am spoiled as little as possible by the internets.
  4. More German. My teacher has been complimenting my German, and though I’m still a little slow I’m getting better at sorting out when something sounds wrong and getting to the right word eventually. Slowly but surely!!
  5. More trips. Had a few fun trips and work trips this month. Some friends and I went down to San Diego to watch the Veronica Mars movie [so good], so we spent the day down there. Then I went back up to SF for a few days for work and got to spend some time location scouting for Wings. Found some awesome spots that I feel will help me find locations that are more realistic than what I had originally written. I really can’t wait for work to slow down a little so that I can travel more for fun on the weekends.

One thought on “End of March! Also Not An April Fool’s Day Post. Eff That.

  1. Your meals look super awesome! You’ve inspire me to work harder at eating a healthy diet of ‘real’ foods – especially for lunch. I love having fresh fruit, nuts etc. I always feel full of energy after lunch instead of wanting to take a nap (as in the old days). Sounds like March was a productive month for you. I’m doing an April writing challenge through RWA – so writing is uppermost on my mind these days!

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