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Wandering Wednesday – The Eyes of the Past


I enjoyed studying the multitude of statues that we encountered when we were in Italy – the craftsmanship was always astonishing. At one of the museum within the Vatican Museums, though, I found statues that were for the first time really. . . just creepy to me.

I just spent quite a lot of time scouring the internet trying to remember what/who this sculpture is, but I do know it is in the Gallery of Busts in the Vatican.

I just can’t get over the eyes – you would think that I would be more ok with eyes, as that makes the statues feel more human, but it’s the opposite, for me. XD


2 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – The Eyes of the Past

  1. It’s kind of sad how cartoonish they look with original paint, especially when the whole thing was painted. Culturally it’s important but the bare stone has a different thing to say.

    Also, not that you were still worrying about it 8)

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