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Wandering Wednesday – A Room With A View In Versailles


The other day my husband pulled up Google maps, and we spent some time checking out where he used to live in France in the new 3D option. It was so cool, and also nostalgic, to visit the area once again even if virtually. He has mixed feelings about his time living in Versailles, but for me it was an amazing experience. I got to live like I belonged there, as opposed to a tourist. Some of my favorite memories though are the times we spent sitting on his balcony of his tiny [just over 200 sq.ft] apartment. Even though there was so little space, the balcony made it feel like it was twice it’s size [which was still not very big, but hey, it helped!]. He was on the sixth floor in an area where most buildings were not as high. It made us feel like we were in another world sometimes, being able to look down and around us and just watch life happen.

This experience also served as inspiration for a location in my second book in the Wings series, because hey, write what you know. ;)

Versailles, France


2 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – A Room With A View In Versailles

  1. Love the view! Living in different parts of the country (or world) does broaden your view of life, how others live and makes you grateful for what you have, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing!

  2. It was such an awesome experience every time – I really wish I could do it again [live in another country]!

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