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March is Here!

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Art of Ateos drawn by my lovely friend, the menu for Gordon Ramsay’s Steak in Las Vegas, Calico Ghost Town, and the SCWC

Another month come and gone! Here we goooo! 

  1. More writing. I’ve been pretty busy on this! I am taking a romance writing class, which is proving to be very interesting and educational, so hopefully I can take a lot away from it. I also went to the Southern California Writers Conference, which was pretty much the most amazing thing. I learned a lot, and it also really inspired me and tossed me out of my weird funk. I’m currently back to editing Wings of the Fallen hardcore in preparation for more pitching to agents. I’m making that my focus, along with blogging, and then once I feel that Wings is in a good place I will start to focus on other stories.
  2. More pictures. I have been a bit spammy with the pics, but I am loving the memories that I am saving. :)
  3. More reading. For the month of February I wanted to read The Last of the Wine. I will admit I’m still working on it but I’m almost done, and enjoying it so much! But I love Mary Renault’s writing more and more as I read it. My March book is The Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale. I really enjoyed her Lord of the White Hell series, so I’m looking forward to reading this one! If you want to see my full 2014 reading list, you can find it here! Feel free to share what you are reading or any recommendations.
  4. More German. I’m starting to watch more Disney movies in German, and I’m finding that is helping. Also starting to have more basic conversations with MH to get a feel for all the different tenses. I really suck at tenses.
  5. More trips. February I had a few exciting trips! First we went to Las Vegas, with a stop by Calico Ghost Town on the way. Then I went to the writer’s conference in San Diego. THEN I went to San Francisco for a quick one night only work event. It’s was nice to be home most of last weekend, I will say that. I had a lot of laundry to get through, haha.

March is proving to be potentially a little less on the travel side, but still very exciting!


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