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January Report – Now With More Pictures

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So the first month of 2014 has come and gone. How did it hold up for everyone? For me, work has been very busy, and so I’m still trying to find the balance of working and then doing my work when I get home every night, and then having some relaxing time as well as socializing. It’s hard, and I am hoping that soon I can find my groove. 

So! Here are my goals.

  1. More writing. So this one I haven’t been doing as much as I would like. Need to improve, and get myself back on schedule. I want to write, I just keep being distracted by other things. This month though I am going to the Writer’s Conference in San Diego, and I’m hoping to just soak in all the inspiration I can from that.
  2. More pictures. I have been taking more pictures on my phone, because my camera has a gnarly black spot on the lense that I need to take it in for. BUT I am still making time to take pictures and capture moments.
  3. More reading. So far so good on my one book a month goal. January’s book was Lost in a Good Book . This month I will be reading  The Last of the Wine by Mary Renault. I’m excited about this book a lot because the historical time it takes place in is the fifth century b.c., which is around where my book The Olympian takes place, and also has elements of the Olympics during that time. I’m excited to see what she wrote in that context, and maybe learn something as well. If you want to see my full 2014 reading list, you can find it here! Feel free to share what you are reading. :)
  4. More German. This is coming along slowly, but well. The other student dropped out of my class, so now it’s just me again, which I like just because then we can move at my pace. I’ve also started watching Disney movies in German, ones that I am familiar with, to try to get more German in my brain.
  5. More trips. January I got one trip to LA, which was really fun! I met up with some friends, some of whom were from out of town, and we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and LACMA. As a southern Californian, I somehow managed to have never gone. We didn’t get to go inside, but now I know what it looks like on the outside, and I really want to go again. February I have a couple fun trips in the works, so I’m excited!

Here’s to a fun-filled February!


One thought on “January Report – Now With More Pictures

  1. Finding a balance between work that pays right now and writing is really hard, especially when you try to balance it with a social life and also being a person.
    Love your photos! Especially the one of you with the red hair. :D
    I’ve never been to the tar pits either. I tried to go once with a friend when I lived in San Diego but we got lost and never made it. (There were signs everywhere and yet we couldn’t find it. IDEK. We ended up at the beach instead.)

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