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Happy New Year!

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It’s 2014! Can you believe it? Because I certainly can’t.

I know I’ve been very quiet on here. I took some time away from my computer to work on some other things, and get myself back on track. I think I’m ready now for this new year of new adventures!

Here are the goals of 2014. Boom!

  1. More writing. I have replaced the previous goal of getting an agent. I haven’t given up, but I realized that I was focusing so much on that, and not focusing on what I enjoy doing, which is writing. So I am going to be working on writing, meeting with other people who write, going to conferences, and trying to get my work out there through other means as well [such as short stories, contests, etc.]. The rest will happen naturally with enough hard work [I hope!]. I also want to blog more, here and over on Defective Geeks.
  2. More pictures. I am usually a big time picture taker, and in 2013 I slacked terribly. I like using actual cameras as well, not just a phone. So this year I am going to be taking a lot more pictures of my friends and family, and maybe just more pictures in general to share.
  3. More reading. I had made a Pinterest board that was meant to catalog all the books I read in 2013. I have since deleted that board because I was ashamed. So now I have joined the 2014 Goodreads book challenge, with a goal of 12 books this year – one a month. You can check out my 2014 reading list here. I still need to go through my current library of books and add those. I have stopped buying books until I get through the current unread ones I have, which is hard for me, so I need to get through them so I can buy more!
  4. More German. Self-explanatory, really. I will be in Germany for the holidays again this year and need to make sure that I can hold some sort of conversation with the family.
  5. More trips. Life doesn’t have to be just about huge vacations. I want to take more weekend or day trips to new places to see more amazing sights and have more awesome experiences.

And also, here is this cool video I found on why 2014 will be awesome. It definitely got me feeling better about the coming year. Let’s do this!


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