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Happy Halloween and Crap NaNoWriMo

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Happy Halloween!! I hope that your night is frightful and spooky and full of candy and ghosts and things. That’s what you’re supposed to wish for people, right?

As for me, I will just be sitting at home this Halloween. I didn’t attend any parties this year because I didn’t have the time nor money to make something new. For work I’m just wearing this sweet blue wig I got and and going as a Jrock kid because why not. I still have the clothes from when I used to dress like that.


herp herp ma face

Ok, now that this also means it’s the end of October, time to check in.

  1. Get an agent. As previously mentioned, this is something I’m pushing back to next year. I have to keep taking deep breaths to remind myself that this is okay, and that I shouldn’t rush the process. *deep breaths*
  2. Get healthy [again]. My list of food I have introduced back into my life is growing more at a successful rate. My next one is avocado, because oh man, as a southern Californian, it feels like a crime to not have any. I have also been craving pizza like whoa which is lame because there are so many ingredients I can’t have on that to make it delish. I’m also working on doing better with breakfast, because it is usually the least healthiest of all my meals.
    – Wine
    – Caffeine [mostly in the form of tea]
    – Garlic
    – Honey
    Soy WOOO
  3. Get writing [more] I spent this month prepping for NaNoWriMo. I’m working on the third book in my main series, which is slightly terrifying, because I know more of what I want to do for the fourth book than the third book. But I feel that this means the book is perfect for NaNo, because I will be forced to just sit down and get words down about it every night instead of shaking in the corner scared. If you are doing NaNo, add me! Also! I got introduced to a potential awesome opportunity for short stories that might pan out, but I don’t know, WE SHALL SEE. *fingers crossed*
  4. Get more German. JA SCHNELL.

I also want to take a moment to just say that I know I’ve been kind of aloof recently. I’m hoping that November I can get back into the swings of all things internet related.

And now to end this, here is a pic of the necklace I am trying to make for my next cosplay at ALA in January.


Jewelry is really hard guys.


One thought on “Happy Halloween and Crap NaNoWriMo

  1. Hey Lyns – I’m doing NaNoWriMo as well – in fact I’m attending a kick-off event tonight. I’ll be writing from 5-8pm. The crazy part is that I’ve done this before (and completed it) and know how insane this is with the work load I have right now with my biz – but I’m doing it anyway! And Q knows what’s to come and he still supports me doing it! We are def crazy! :D
    I will add you !! Please add me as well – which reminds me – I need to find my login etc… runs off to do that….

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