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Wandering Wednesday – The Pets of the Mediterranean

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When we were on our trip last year, I couldn’t help but take pictures of the cats and dogs that we saw at the different sites. On the one hand it made me sad to see so many strays, but I still wanted to get pictures of them because they were often among ancient ruins and it created such an interesting story. So today is just a photo blog.

I also wanted to cuddle them all and several times my husband had to pull me away from them. I just wanted to make sure they had some kindness! D;

Ruins of Olympia

Ruins of Olympia

Entry to the top of Athens

Entry to the Acropolis of Athens

Near St. John's in Ephesus

Near St. John’s in Ephesus

Streets of Ancient Ephesus

Streets of Ancient Ephesus






Santorini. I am not sure that he was a stray.

Market in Venice

Market in Venice. This wasn’t a stray, he was just so adorable though, watching his booth.

Streets of Corfu

Streets of Corfu


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