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Wandering Wednesday – Yes, More Venice!

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So I was going through my previous posts, and saw that I only did one for Venice, Italy. I’m not sure how I managed that! So here are some more awesome pictures from walking around Venice. I really loved that city, I would go spend a whole week there. As I was writing this post, I told my partner that we should go back again. *fingers crossed* haha!

Cruise 2012 004

I was so in love with the canals that replaced city streets.

Cruise 2012 021

So serene. I could just sit and watch all day.

Cruise 2012 022

And then these huge buildings that look like they are just floating!

Cruise 2012 027

More awesome streets.

Cruise 2012 055

LOOK AT THE CUTE FLOWER POTS. I believe they were fake but still. I really wish I knew someone who lived there, so that I could see how the houses looked on the inside.

Cruise 2012 054

Awesome old clock.

Cruise 2012 077

More big floating buildings.

Cruise 2012 097

This is one of my favorite shots that I took from Venice.

Cruise 2012 120

That’s all for this week! Sorry for my silence lately, I’m trying to get back into things while also working on lots of editing. Oy!


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – Yes, More Venice!

  1. I still hope to make it there someday! Thanks for sharing these lovely shots- makes me fell like I’ve been there too.

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