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Why Is It September Why


I feel like i ask this every month. Is time moving faster? Are we spinning towards the apocalypse? What is going on?

This month was my birthday though. That was cool.

  1. Get an agent. Rejection letter season is most likely going to be in October. But that’s okay. I have my query letter prepped. I am ready. *deep breaths*
  2. Get healthy [again]. I am now able to start to incorporate things back into my diet. First on the list is wine. Second on the list is green tea. Wine so far has not been a problem, provided it is of the Malbec variety. I know this for sure because I’m pretty sure I drank a bottle of it on the weekend for my birthday and didn’t even get a headache. Sweet. Working out is not going as planned AT ALL but I blame my terrible work schedule and things being crazy. I’m trying to come up with some options to make fitness fit back into my life.  For my mental health, I am starting to see my therapist again [something I don’t think anyone should be ashamed about], and also starting to writing down three things I am grateful for every night in a journal. It helps to make me think of what was good in a day, otherwise I feel I tend to dwell on the negative. Which there seems to be a lot of right now.
  3. Get writing [more] I went through the second book in the Wings series and got it into Scrivener, in preparation for starting on it after I have submitted Wings of the Fallen to agents. The Olympian is also still being heavily revised, though the research for it is fun. I am still aiming to try to get that e-published this year! I also sent in my request to join the Romance Writers of America, which I am really excited about. I also joined some local OC meet ups, though I haven’t had the time to actually meet up [what’s with the meeting at 9am or 5pm on weekdays?!], but it’s cool to know there are support groups I could go to. Also HERM anxiety but you know, baby steps. I am also planning on going to the Writer’s Conference in San Diego in February, so I am starting to save up for that. I really want to engross myself in the industry and meet more amazing people from it.
  4. Get more German. It’s getting more difficult, and with work, it’s starting to weigh on me. I have a lot going on, and sometimes it’s just hard for my brain to keep up. I’m trying to take more breaks at work to study and get more practice talking with my partner. But I feel that I am still improving!

I leave you with this picture of Beaker, the dolphin I got to meet when I participated in the Dolphin Interaction Program at Sea World last weekend. It was so cool!



2 thoughts on “Why Is It September Why

  1. Eeee good luck querying. Someday I will be in that pit of pain too but thankfully I’m taking forever to even write a novel. If you need someone to vent/cry to, you have my e-mail. :)

    Happy Birthday!

    • Thanks!! I’m worried I’m jumping into it too soon, but since I got an editor, I hope that’s the right move and final piece to get me to that stage. Either way, it will be a good learning experience at least! I’m sure I will be sending you many sadface messages. XDDD

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