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I have some new things I enjoy and want to share! Huzzah! And also, it’s Friday and that’s amazing. Double Huzzah!

Also, I uploaded a short story! You can check it out here. It’s meant to be a character study piece, pretty much. Not quite origins, but a glance into the life of Kalir, one of the main characters in Wings of the Fallen, before he meets Ateos. Long before that time.

Strangely Katieprincess-princess-titlepage-flat

I recently discovered the lovely webcomic artist Strangely Katie thanks to Tumblr! I have read two of her comics so far, listed below, and I love them! Make sure to follow her on Tumblr and sing her praises.

This comic is complete, and I thought it was really fun.

It’s a different take on the damsel in distress story that I think everyone should read. It’s also a nice story deciding what to do with your life. :)

This one is still in progress, but I can’t turn down reading anything that has to do with [1] demons and [2] some angst. It’s cute, despite the setting being dark, and I’m enjoying the different characters so far.


In my conquest to find more ways to squeeze fitness into my life, I’ve found this lovely lady’s YouTube page. Though her some of her workouts are only 5 minutes, I feel the burn the next day. She also some really cute merchandise. :X She also posts some healthy recipes at times.

dsfdgdfgKate Beaton

So I have since this art roaming around the internet, but hadn’t taken the time to check it out before. Then I saw this post about Nancy Drew book covers on Tumblr and just died laughing, and so I had to go to her site. Go there now.

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes – Bad Days series

So there is this channel called World of Heroes, that I somehow had only vague knowledge of. And within this channel, is a series called Bad Days. This series covers different Marvel characters going through, well, a bad day. It’s pretty hilarious. Here, have the X-Men one, because that’s the one that led me to this YouTube channel.

I actually don’t know how I sleep sometimes.


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