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Wandering Wednesday – Catacombs of Paris

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“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” – George Eliot


During one of my trips to France, we got the chance to check out the Catacombs of Paris.

Now, a little something about me: I really can’t handle being around the dead. Cemeteries freak me out – I can’t stand the idea that I might be walking over dead people. It’s not a religious thing at all, it’s just a feeling I have. I looked like a crazy person when I went to Westminster Abbey in London because I was skipping around the entire place trying not to step over marked burial spots.

So anyways, the Catacombs were not entirely my idea to check out. But I went anyways, because there is a lot of history to them, and I was curious. I didn’t have the best camera at the time, and also it was very dark, so I apologize that these aren’t the best pics. I managed to see it not long before it was closed down temporarily due to vandalism. I hope they caught whoever did that. D:

This is my curious face

This is my curious face

This entrance wasn’t making me feel much better.


This is a very dark place. It’s ironic now that I have the Catacombs as an integral location in the second novel of my book series. I wish I had spent more time paying attention instead of hiding my face!



What was the creepiest to me was the way that the bones were laid out.  The gentleman that decided to restructure the catacombs like this might have had an interesting sense of humor, in my opinion. Hah! But really, it was really creepy to me how everything was organized, and being so close to these old bones put me on edge.






That’s all the decent pics I have! Sorry for the short post this week. I have been working mad OT, but hopefully soon it dies down again.  :)



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