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I Was So Busy I Almost Forgot It Was August

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AAAAAH. How the hell is it August?

Ok ok. Let’s do this.

  1. Get an agent. Editing is in progress, so I’m hoping to still be able to get to sending out query letters in September/October. It’s going to make things busy, but that’s okay! I can do this! *flex*
  2. Get healthy [again]. So I talked in another post about being a month into my low FODMAP diet. I’m adjusting mostly well. I am hungry ALL THE TIME, which is also frustrating because the food I can eat around me is often limited, which results in me going into a frenzy trying to find food. Unfortunately though I had to end my subscription with Tasterie, because I couldn’t eat most of the stuff I was getting in the box. Sad day.  As for my work out, I fell off the wagon really bad, but this week started it up again, and might even get to the point of working out twice a day if I can pull it off.
  3. Get writing [more] I was EXTREMELY inspired by Bastille’s album Bad Blood, and have been listening to it pretty much non-stop. A lot of the sings remind me of the main character, Rilaos, in The Olympian, and I’m so happy that I am working on it again. It needs a lot of work, and I still need to write the ending, which is crazy considering I’m over 50k with it already. I’ve also started becoming more inspired to write other things, and am making notes for the third book of the series for Kalir and Ateos, and even an entirely different book. Work is still stressful, but I feel that I am managing it now to where it isn’t destroying me at night. Let’s see how long this lasts!
  4. Get more German. My second sessions is going. . .alright. It’s getting tough, and there is someone else in the class now, which puts some added pressure on me because now I have to converse with someone else in German. XD But I have been pushing myself to speak it more around the house, and my goal is to make German our spoken language at home eventually so that I can continue to learn. I don’t go to Germany until next year, so I still have a bit of time to get this down. Jawohl!


July can be best summed up with this picture from San Diego Pride with ma little sista!




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