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Wandering Wednesday – Horseback Riding In Maui


“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom” ― Helen Thompson

On our trip to Maui a few years ago, one of the few excursions we went on was horseback riding! We went to Mendes Ranch, and it was so beautiful. I’ve only gone horseback riding a few times in my life, and this was the best one.

First, the view we had from our apartment that we stayed in.  Just because man, I miss that view.

Thursday morning! Time for horseback riding!

And our breakfast that morning. Oh man, I can’t have anything that’s on this table. Literally. Any of it. THOSE WERE THE FOOD DAYS.

Breakfast yum

Mendes Ranch is located in a beautiful coastal spot on Maui. Though I guess that doesn’t narrow it down, it is an island. But still, it was beautiful.Crazy awesome view

It was a group ride, and I was daring and said that I had some light horse riding experience and that I wouldn’t be afraid to go a little fast. Horses!

I ended up getting one of the few horses for that trip that actually just straight up RAN when it knew it could. I was scared for a brief moment, but then I wanted to keep going after I just realized how FUN it was. My horses name was Blondie.

My horse, Blondie. She loved to gallop SO FAST.

Here are some more pics of the view during our ride!


On the road!



So that was our horseback riding adventure! We got to eat fresh fruit off trees, and our guide was really nice and paced everyone enough to make sure no one was uncomfortable. Definitely recommend if you are visiting Maui!


4 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Horseback Riding In Maui

  1. Gorgeous photos. Going to Maui for the first time in November. Will not be riding a horse (probably. I’m not opposed but it’s not in the plan, and I’ve never ridden a horse, but I HAVE ridden an elephant). Awesome though!

    • OH MAN I love Maui. Well okay, it’s the only island I’ve been to, but I want to retire there. It was amazing. If you want any info about things to see there let me know! :D

  2. I LOVE horseback riding! I used to ride every weekend in the summertime, when I was a teenager in the Midwest. But I have to say I didn’t have any of THOSE views to enjoy. :0) I still want to ride on the beach….any beach will do!

    • I was actually thinking of looking into where I could possibly go horseback riding again out here, because I would love to do it again! And on the beach would be an added bonus. XD

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