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Being Low FODMAP – 1 Month In

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So it’s been one month since I started my low FODMAP diet.

It’s been really rough, but I have mostly stuck to it, aside from some accidental flubs. And I’ve been feeling great. I’ve discovered some new foods, tried new things [like tomatoes, which I used to hate], and am discovering that life without gluten and dairy and caffeine and wine isn’t so bad. Most of the time. I miss wine a lot every now and again.

The biggest shift for me was that I couldn’t focus on a Paleo diet anymore. A lot of the food I had been eating before is now deemed off limits, such as sweet potatoes and avocado. Also garlic and onions. That’s a tough one.

I also had to cancel my Tasterie subscription, because I’m not able to eat most of the stuff they send right now [lots of fruit I can’t have mostly].

But I’m pushing forward. My job is extremely stressful, and so there are concerns that it’s affecting my digestion. I’m working on ways to fix that. Right now if I slip up at all, I get extremely ill. It’s frustrating, and keeps me from being able to eat out too much without it being a big hassle.

Eating at SDCC was also pretty much impossible. Luckily I bought a new bento box from Bentgo for the exact purpose, and packed myself lunches with the leftovers of my breakfast each morning.


I’ve also found a way to treat myself that is delicious and yet not terrible for me – frozen yogurt! More specifically, sorbet with kiwi and dark chocolate pieces that thankfully the nearest Yogurtland has.


You can continue to follow my adventures in food on my instagram, where I just post pics of food. Delicious non-painful food.

If you are on a low FODMAP diet, please share your recipes! I’m also debating starting to share what I am creating here, now that I am starting to hit my groove of cooking like this.


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