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Favorites Friday!


Yay! More things! I was at SDCC, and sadly I was working most of the time and so I couldn’t find new shiny things to be excited about. But there are still some cool things I have discovered over the past couple of weeks.

Sfeer Theory

So this isn’t my first time being exposed to Sfeer Theory, but my love for it was rekindled when I saw it in the artist alley at Anime Expo. My friend and I had wanted to cosplay from this the moment we saw it. The art is just – GUH. I have gone back and started reading it all over again, and it’s really interesting and fun and omg Luca why are you so pretty. It ‘s created by two lovelies, Chira [artist] and Muun [writer]. Here is the premise, pulled from the website:

Sfeer Theory is the biography of a semi-immortal wizard named Balzac whose duty is to uphold and guard an empire, by way of a magical version of Atlas. The Uitspan Era addresses the beginning of his livelihood, and the Uitspan Age addresses the possible end of it.


Image from Sfeer Theory DA. Lookit that art. *___*

Rainy Mood

I have Tumblr to thank for this one. I saw a post that showed a list of links for anxiety [sounds, doodling, journals], but my favorite so far as been Rainy Mood. I can put this on and get through hours of work [when I actually don’t have meetings].

If this one doesn’t work for you, here are some other really cool flash apps for anxiety that I have personally tried. If you have others you like, please comment below! Thanks again to Tumblr for always helping out with finding amazing things that get me through the day.

Paint a Nebula

The Quiet Place

The Thoughts Room

Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Rainy Mood

Do Nothing for Two Minutes

Weave Silk

Nothing To Prove Music Video

This is a pretty amazing music video about geeks and geeky girls by The Doubleclicks. It’s a really great message, even though I got a little teary eyed. There are some awesome geeky guys that make an appearance in this video too, like John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton, and Adam Savage. It’s so crazy to me that in this day and age there is still so much sexism when it comes to being a geek. Why can’t we all just enjoy the things that make us excited and geeky together? *hugs to all *

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend. :)


2 thoughts on “Favorites Friday!

  1. I always liked the Silk one. It’s perfect for fanart if you watch TV shows about aesthetic smoke shapes.

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