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Wandering Wednesday – More Las Vegas Tips


More of my tips on Las Vegas! For the restaurants I recommend, hop on over here.


1. Penn & Teller

I haven’t seen a lot of shows due to the cost. But for my birthday one trip, we decided to try Penn & Teller. It was really fun, and I recommend it!

089 (2)

2. Titanic Exhibit

Now, I am have some geekiness about the history of the Titanic. Yes, it was spurred by the movie, but I was 15 when it came out, can you blame me? After seeing that movie, I started to read up on the actual history, and watching more documentaries on it. This exhibit [which sadly no pictures are allowed in] was interesting and a little emotional – you get to see relics from people who were on the ship and learn some of the stories of the passengers. I highly recommend it!

3. Bingo at Silver Sevens

Stay with me on this. I hadn’t played Bingo in a hall before, but I went with a group of my girlfriends to play on a Sunday, and it was actually really fun. We all thought we could handle multiple sheets at once because one girl had done it before, and bought this many. So we all followed. It was a mistake. Bingo is hard. But it was fun! We had a good laugh for a few hours. XD

I realized I had thought too highly of myself too late into the game

I realized I had thought too highly of myself too late into the game

4. Sapphire

So when MH and I go to Las Vegas, sometimes we splurge and go to a strip club. It’s the most spendy that we get. ;) Our favorite so far is the Sapphire club, because we can get cushy comfy seats. That’s important. Also they have some packages to get front of line, and VIP seats [the cushy ones]. Again, this is a splurge, but it’s Vegas! Sometimes you gotta.

5. Just walk around!

If the weather permits, people watching and walking around the strip is an event in itself. I’ve seen some interesting people and things take place on the streets, especially at night. Some good viewpoints would be in front of the Bellagio, or if you want to stay inside, inside the shopping area of Ceasar’s Palace.

View of the Paris hotel from the Bellagio

View of the Paris hotel from the Bellagio

That’s all! Do you have a favorite activity in Las Vegas?



7 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – More Las Vegas Tips

  1. Wow – you actually go to shows and exhibits! I’m impressed. I’m one of those people who rarely sees the outside of the casino! :D Seriously – although I go to Vegas to mostly gamble, I love the restaurants and art galleries. The first place we hit when we arrive is Margaritaville ( I gamble best after a few drinks! ). But my fav place is of course, the Venetian – and we always plan a meal there after walking through the shops. I have to say that the best place we’ve ever stayed (for best experience) was Caesar’s Palace – the two person spa tub in our room was awesome. And we do love to people watch – never a dull moment in Vegas!

    • The Venetian is gorgeous. I love walking through there. I still haven’t ever tipped into the gambling side of things, and I’m trying to stay that way! I’ve heard good things about Margaritaville, too. Maybe when I can drink again I will stop over there!

      I haven’t stayed at Caesar’s Palace, maybe we will have to try that next time! :D

  2. Penn and Teller put on a great show and I also enjoyed the Titanic exhibit. On my last trip we did the Mob Attraction at the Tropicana and it was so much fun. It’s highly interactive and completely worth the money. I love the Pinball Hall of Fame, which is off the strip, located in a small strip mall. I also really love the Atomic Testing Museum, which is part of the Smithsonian. It’s worth going to.

    On a typical trip, our time is very much divided between pool, drinking and fine dining. We usually throw in a show and an attraction, plus a little shopping. A bit of everything.

    A great place to stop to save money on shows/attractions/dining is the Tix4Tonight booth. It’s usually our first stop every trip.

    I love Vegas!!!!

    • Thanks for the tip on show tickets! That’s honestly why I haven’t gone to too many yet – they are always so expensive! But I always want to watch more, especially the Cirque du Soleil ones. *__*

      And thanks for sharing more exhibits! The Atomic Testing Museum sounds especially interesting!

      Vegas is really the best haha! XD

      • It is expensive, but Tix4tonight makes is somewhat affordable- often 40-50% off and the usually have the cirque shows. I’m not a huge cirque fan, but Love is an awesome show.
        The Atomic Testing museum is definitely worth it and I think it may even be free- always a great thing!
        I love Vegas!!!

  3. I don’t understand why you didn’t mention the cool dead bodies

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