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Wandering Wednesday – Las Vegas Tips – Noms!

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I never thought I would be a person who actually loves going to Las Vegas, and goes multiple times a year. But here I am, becoming someone who wants to go every 6 months.

But I don’t go for the booze, or the gambling, or the clubbing.

I go for the food and relaxation. I go to sit in my hotel and watch the food network, sleep whenever I want, and eat all the food. All of it.

Ironically, Las Vegas is a pretty good place for people with dietary restrictions, if you know where to go. Now, I haven’t gone there since going low FODMAP, but as someone gluten and dairy free, I never had too hard of a time.

So I decided to put together some of my own experiences here. A little bit on food, entertainment, and my favorite hotels to stay at. This started to get a little long, so I decided to split it up. First up, the food! I went with top 5. :)

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For the noms

1. Delmonico Steakhouse, in the Venetian.

Ok, this is really more of a splurge. This is one of Emeril’s restaurants. But it’s good. First, have you ever had ceasar salad? Of course. Have you ever had it prepared TABLESIDE?

071 (2)

OK, maybe you had. But I had not. They made the dressing tableside, and it was so. good. you guys. To continue with the tableside trend, we also got the chateaubriand, which is carved at your table.

072 (2)

Oh asparagus, how I miss you. Garlic mashed potatoes, you too.

2. Bouchon stand

There is a Bouchon restaurant inside the Venetian, but I haven’t been since I still haven’t had forethought for a reservation. However, there are a few kiosks in the Venetian as well that serve as great spots for a quick, but still yummy breakfast


Macaroons, chai tea, hot chocolate, and a muffin

3. Mon Ami Gabi

For the gluten-free, this place, though a little pricey, is a another good special occasion dinner [cheaper than Emeril’s place though]. I would recommend a reservation, even though they don’t take them for the patio. The wait is generally long.

Instead of a baguette, I got GF toast and olives!

Instead of a baguette, I got GF toast and olives!

If you can get a seat either on the patio or near it though, you are in for a special treat, especially at night. The Bellagio is just across the street, so you have a great seat to watch the fountain show.

Our view of the Bellagio!

4. Hussongs

This little Mexican restaurant is known for its margaritas, but my favorite thing about it is the tomatillo salsa. I could eat just that and chips all day. But everything I have tried there is AMAZING. My fave are the flautas.

photo (1)

Ok these cheat a little on the dairy free but amg

5. Ri Ra Irish Pub

Really, my favorite thing here is the malt vinegar mayo. You don’t even know how good that shit is. They also have some legit Irish food, as per people I went with who could speak to its goodness. They have a bar and a restaurant, and sometimes live music. It’s a cool vibe if you want some good pub food and a place to hang out and drink that isn’t a club [which is usually my kind of thing]. I wish I had a proper picture of the food from there, but it’s a dark red lighting, so the pictures always come out terrible. XD

Ok! Those are my top 5 places for food in Las Vegas. More to come next week! I’m off to SDCC for the rest of the week. Hopefully I won’t get sucked into the void of people and never make it out alive. Or get con crud.



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