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Favorites Friday! Also My 100th Post! So I’m Giving Away Books!


What? I like alliteration. Can you tell yet?

So I decided that I spend a lot of time on the internet, discovering new things, and I thought I would start sharing some of the most exciting things that I stumble upon throughout the week. And maybe some other random things that I enjoyed during the week as well.

Starfighter Musica2232481081_2

If you aren’t following the webcomic Starfighter, you should be.  That would be the first thing you need to do [Warning: Sometimes NSFW content]. I enjoy the art style immensely, and it’s a fun sci-fi story, and the two main characters are just beautiful men. I have two signed pieces of art by Hamletmachine. *flutter*

Aside from an awesome webcomic, I am bringing this up for this week because she worked with a group of musicians to create a soundtrack for the comic, and it’s just perfect.

It reminds me a little in places of the Mass Effect soundtrack, which to me means it’s doing exactly what it should be in catching that sci-fi feeling.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Animefree-dtl-keyvisual-01

I am a bit behind on this, as I still haven’t finished the Magi anime. I had also sworn off sports animes after my attempt at watching Kuroko no Basket [you can check out my review here].

But Tumblr, it always somehow convinces me to try new things. So this week I watched the first episode. I might also have a stronger affinity towards swimming, since I was on the team in high school [my one attempt to be sporty].

Pretty much this is fangirl/cosplay fodder. Pretty boys, tight swimsuits, and random costumes in the ending sequence, and school uniforms. Oh also, some awesome suggested angst. I’ve only seen the one episode, but I am definitely interested in seeing more. Thanks, Tumblr!

DLC Loading by Synnesai [Assassins Creed 3]

DLC Loading by Synnesai [Assassins Creed 3]

Synnesai on Deviantart

Tumblr is a great place to also find new artists to follow. I followed the trail to this wonderful artist’s deviantart, and wasn’t disappointed.

I have focused mostly on the Assassins Creed art – I love her style and concepts for the characters. Just so amazing and talented!! *___*

Bastille – Bad Blood

The lovely arcwin suggested nicely that I listen to the song Pompeii from Bastille’s album Bad Blood, and I’m glad that I did. But you can’t just LISTEN to this song. You have to watch the video, too. Then your brain just explodes with the awesome of how deep this song is. It’s upbeat and happy but then also sad and scary all at the same time. /faints

Huzzah! To celebrate that this is also my 100th post on this blog, I decided to give away some books by two of my favorite authors that I happen to have duplicates of. These are never cracked open, brand-spanking new condition.

All you have to do is leave a comment and say which book you want! I will use a random generator to select the winners Friday, July 26.

The books up for grabs are below! There will be four winners:




4 thoughts on “Favorites Friday! Also My 100th Post! So I’m Giving Away Books!

  1. I would love to be put in the raffle for the “On Writing” book! <3

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