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So It’s July? Who Let That Happen?

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“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”  — Sam Keen

I need someone to figure out a way to slow down time. I know I say that every month really, but seriously. Slow down.

Check it.

  1. Get an agent. The contract with my editor has been signed, and I am really excited to see what comes of that working relationship! I have a few other people reading the book as well, so I am hoping that July/August sticks to my plans of them being the months of crazy hardcore edit time. \o/
  2. Get healthy [again]. Things took a crazy turn this month. First, I thought I was on the right track because I subscribed to both Tanaka Farms and Tasterie. I posted pics below of what I got in my boxes! However, even though I was trying to eat better, I still got super sick and ended up meeting with a nutritionist, who put me on the FODMAP diet. So far it’s really stressful because it is so restrictive, especially since I am completely gluten and dairy free.I downloaded a couple apps to help me track what I can and can’t eat, and so far that is useful. I’m supposed to do this for 8 weeks and then see how I am doing. So far though I have already woken up one morning in terrible pain [actually this morning, and spent most of my day at the hospital to make sure it wasn’t my appendix]. So I am hoping when I talk to my GI doctor this week, she has some advice. Oy!
  3. Get writing [more]./raspberry – I need to find a better way of doing this. My work has been absolutely zapping lately and I just haven’t had the energy to write, nor the brain power. Must fix immediately. I did do some research for The Olympian, but didn’t get into the writing phase.
  4. Get more German. I finished my first 8 weeks of classes! Huzzah! I start my next session on the 8th, and I’m a little nervous because it won’t be a private lesson anymore because someone else signed up. My only hope is that they are either the same level as me, or just below, otherwise I will have more anxiety about keeping up. ^^

So June didn’t end up as productive as I would have liked. I will look at it as a break from writing, and this month things are going to get serious. For serious. I hope everyone else had a good June, and let’s all look forward to a better July!

Here are the pictures of my Tanaka and Tasterie boxes. :)


Those Kale chips are ridiculous. nomnomnom

Corn, onion, carrots, cucumber, leafy stuff, grapefruit, tomatoes, and cauliflower

Corn, onion, carrots, cucumber, leafy stuff, grapefruit, tomatoes, and cauliflower


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