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Wandering Wednesday – Aquarium of the Pacific

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“But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean.”

— H. P. Lovecraft

We have a lot of cool things just in our backyard here in Southern California. Sometimes it’s easy to take that for granted. One of the places I like to visit is the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Growing up in Southern California, I definitely have a feeling of reverence for the ocean. I grew up on it, it’s my happy place, it’s where I feel most at peace. So I really love places like aquariums, to be able to see so many amazing things that are in the ocean! This is especially awesome since I don’t think I will ever be able to go scuba diving because of how much it hurt my ears when I last tried.

/end sappy nature talk – now time for some pictures!



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