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Wandering Wednesday – Bearpit Karaoke

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“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” – Oscar Wilde

Back in 2009, I found myself in a crazy place in Berlin. We went to the farmer’s market at Mauerpark on a beautiful sunny September day. I could hear music in the distance, and we moved through the crowd to find the source.

Mauer Park

Quick! Something interesting in the distance!

It was apparently a fairly new thing, called Bearpit Karaoke. Guys, it was amazing.

This is Bearpit Karaoke. The crowd is huge and your act better be awesome.

Closer now

Set up within a stone amphitheater in the park, this place was PACKED with people. Down in the stage area, was a man with a mobile karaoke set up, and anyone was welcome to come down and sing in front of the crowd.


We were barely able to squeeze into seats!



It was SO packed



The highlight for the day was a duet of Dirty Dancing, as that morning it had been revealed in the news that Patrick Swayze had passed away.

This amazing tradition on Sundays was started by Joe Hatchiban, who bikes around Berlin with his karaoke machine, and guys, I think that’s pretty rad. I hope that I am in Berlin soon when the weather is nice, and can visit again.

There is a YouTube page that I highly recommend for checking out the Bearpit acts, and other adventures that Joe has. It’s just a bunch of strangers, hanging out, having a good time, and it’s a beautiful and fun thing. And it’s you know, karaoke. XD

It was so cool to be able to experience this! I still am not entirely over it. Stumbling upon something like that doesn’t happen every day. :)


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