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Slow down, 2013.

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“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.” –– William Shakespeare

GAH how is May over? This year is going so fast. Is that what happens when we get older? Oy.

Checking in.

  1. Get an agent. My manuscript is done and ready for editing! There were a couple understandable hold ups in getting everything finalized with the editor, but I hope within the next few weeks to get that process going! While that is with the editor, I will be putting together my contact list for all the agents I will be reaching out to. This is getting scary.
  2. Get healthy [again].  Still mostly okay with working out, but the vacation took a toll with the whole eating a lot and not working out so much. But as of this week I am back on the wagon until I hit another boulder. In an effort to try to have healthier snacks at work, I have signed up for Tasterie to get monthly boxes from them! If I remember, I will try to document what I get from them
  3. Get writing [more]. I’m actually starting to work on some short stories, and I’m also picking back work on another project that I am going to be trying to submit to a publisher for eBook publishing within the year.
  4. Get more German. I’ve been going to my classes once a week, and also studying throughout the week and sometimes at work on lunch. MH has mentioned that I’m picking up more words and getting better at my pronunciation already. WOOT. \o/

So all in all, this was a productive month! Maybe that’s why it felt like it went so fast.

I leave you with one of my fave pictures of the month, taken at a home at Venice Beach.


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