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Wandering Wednesday – live from Chicago!


I’ve been radio silent the past few days as I’ve been in Chicago! And now off to Indy to visit my mom. So here, have a pic I snapped from the car ride to the airport. I didn’t get to sight see much, sadly. 


I DID get to try Argo Coffee,  and I need them in Cali stat. They have almond milk and macarons. I can’t even.

Also went to dinner at a tapas style Italian place called Quartinos, which was tasty and had gluten free pasta. And you know, wine. 

Oh and Howl at the moon, a dueling piano bar, where I learned that some people would rather sing Justin Timberlake than Prince, and that’s sad.

And don’t drink a bucket of Long Island.



2 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – live from Chicago!

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago. (I stopped over once on a flight but that’s it.) Have fun in Indiana!

  2. OHEY sorry for my terribly delayed response. What little of Chicago that I saw was interesting! I would definitely love to go back sometime, when it’s not almost freezing. XD

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